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Becoming #1 in a World that Accepts #2




What are expectations? What are standards? Those two questions cannot be easily defined in a few words nor be satisfied with a sentence or two. In our world, there are three stages of people; upper, middle, and lower. Those aren’t categorizes of wealth or class, it defines character. In sports, we are often faced with the same disillusion. We are easily satisfied with the middle of the pack, hoping to reach the playoff sand call it a year and then say, “well, there is next year.” For years, we have seen teams that are struck between the purgatory of contention. You are just about or will make the playoffs but you are in the bottom of the chain just waiting to be swept or even better; win a game or two and then lose the series to a real contender. The Philadelphia 76ers are a prime example of this; between 2005 and 2010, they have made the playoff four times only to be swept in the first round. They cannot contend for a championship nor can they secure a top 10 pick. Only once ,have they drafted in the top 5 (they selected guard Evan Turner out of The Ohio State University), they were struck in the purgatory of sports. Fans were easily satisfied with being able to see their team play in the playoffs but they did not realize how it is more beneficial to tank a season and contend the next.

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This entry was posted on October 6, 2013 by in Analysis, NBA.
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