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One Week Wonder or Super Sleeper

Khiry Robinson-Super sleeper

Robinson has filled a void as the Chris Ivory role for the Saints. He is the downhill runner that they expected Mark Ingram to be. Ingram has been a huge dissapointment so far. I think that Robinson will continue to churn down the clock and continue to make a name for himself. He has potential to be the goal line back that Mark Ingram, Darren Sproles, and Pierre Thomas are not. When the Saints go up big on opponents, expect Khiry to rack up the yards.

Joseph Fauria-One Week Wonder

Fauria had an excellent game for the Lions last Sunday scoring three times. All of this happened while the Lions real red zone target Calvin Johnson was hurt. Calvin will come back this week better than ever, which will limit Fauria to nothing except for a couple of red zone targets. He has been a touchdown machine so far, but I don’t know if that will continue for a long time. Look towards guys like Heath Miller and Kyle Rudolph if you need a Tight End.

Nick Foles-One Week Wonder

Foles had a very good game against the Buccaneers this weekend. He was especially impressive in throwing the deep ball to Desean Jackson. He threw for 296 yards and had four total scores, which equated to 29 fantasy points this week. He also reopened the question of Michael Vick’s job security. If Vick sits today than I believe this weekend vs. the Cowboys will be his audition. If he puts up the performance he did this weekend than he can easily take the job from Vick. Although, it isn’t as if he was playing against a good defense like the Seahawks. I don’t think Foles will be very effective if he plays for a long span of time. He will be decent, but he shouldn’t have to start for you unless your QB has a bye.

Brandon LaFell-Super Sleeper

Cam Newton has a huge arm and loves speedy receivers who can make plays. That is exactly what he gets from young WR Brandon LaFell. LaFell has superstar athleticism and runs a very good vertical route. The only issue is that LaFell typically has drop issues. A wide receiver that drops passes tends to lose fantasy value because they aren’t trusted as big threats, but with Steve Smith struggling and Greg Olsen being the only other target, the Panthers need a guy to fill in with production and the role has been filled by LaFell in recent weeks. He is a must add.

Brandon Jacobs-One Week Wonder

Brandon Jacobs racked up yards against the tough Bears defense thanks to a surprisingly valiant effort by the Giants O-line. Jacobs also powered into the end zone twice, which led to a very nice fantasy game. I like the way that Jacobs was running between the tackles, but considering the age of Jacobs, he is going to cool down and I believe he will cool down fast. Jacobs also got hurt near the end of the game. His hamstring was hurt and he has had a past full of injury, which shows why I think he won’t hold onto this job past the return of David Wilson.

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