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TTM, IP, or Autograph Signing?

Autograph collecting is a fairly interesting hobby, but there are many different ways in securing an autograph. IP or in person, is when you ask an athlete, celebrity or sports coach to sign you an autograph face to face. TTM or through the mail, means that you send a letter in the mail or by Email and ask the person to send you an autograph through the mail. An autograph signing is when someone is payed to sit at a desk and sign autographs for someone face to face. There are many different characteristics that helps seperate the three.


In person autographs usually happen when you come across a celebrity or athlete at a sporting event, movie premiere or just walking on the street. Street sightings are really lucky because most high profile athletes can be anywhere at anytime. My best on the street IP autograph was Alex Len who was just standing on the airport security line. The other issue with this, is that you have to know what the person looks like out of their uniform. It is quite embarrassing to ask if someone is a professional athlete when they are truly just an average joe. Autographs IP at a stadium are great because you don’t have to pay for them, it is thrilling to meet someone who has accomplished so much, and you know that it is real. At the stadium, you don’t know who will sign for you IP and it could become a major disappointment.



Through the mail autographs are very exciting, but you have to be patient. Sometimes waiting for an autograph to arrive in the mail can take years and years of waiting. The moment after you get back a TTM return, it immediately changes the course of your day for the better. It is probably the most satisfactory feeling that you may ever feel. First, you have to find an address of a player you want to receive. Then you must write them a letter about why you want their signature. I would recommend making sure that a player will return an item before sending something expensive in the mail. Be aware that some athletes may have a foundation that requests donations for them to send back autographs. You must send them a self addressed stamped envelope for them to send your object back to you. We are keeping a journal of our TTM successes in the autograph section here.


Autograph Signings

Autograph Signings are really cool in different ways. I enjoy attending autograph signings because you get to meet the professional athlete or celebrity and usually take a photo with them that you could keep forever. It is also guaranteed that the signature is real because you watched the athlete sign it. The one negative part about autograph signings is that it costs money. Sometimes these events can be quite expensive. Attending these signings are sometimes worth it because you meet your sports icons face to face. Sometimes you can create a dialogue with these athletes and i really fulfill your dreams.



Most Favorite: IP

2nd Favorite: TTM

3rd Favorite: Autograph Signing





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