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Which Direction Should Jets Fans Want The Team To Go?

After 6 weeks of subpar play, the Jets are stuck in the purgatory of sports. They are in between making the playoffs and getting a high draft pick. Some Jets fans want the Jets to flounder and have the option to take a quarterback that is better than Geno Smith and other Jets fans want to stick with what they got because there has been a lot of positives so far. Geno Smith has had some good moments, but has also had bad moment. These bad moments include countless turnovers like this one below in the preseason:

The Jets defense is the best its been in years, but the Jets do have a lack of safeties. If you add two decent safeties to that lineup and the Jets would then become a top tier defense in the league. The top safety in next year’s draft is HaHa Clinton-Dix out of Alabama. He is projected to go at around 18, which is close to where the Jets will draft if the season were to end today. Here is the highlight tape of the Alabama safety.

Most Jets fans have lost patience in the Jets and want to return back to the playoffs. If the Jets finished as a top 10 team, they would be out of the running for HaHa or any of the top picks. They would have no shot at prized prospect Jadeveon Clowney. The Jts would then have huge issues going forward and have no place to go, but down because they would have no top draft picks.

If I were the Jets fanbase I would prefer the Jets to finish in top 10 draft picks because then they could get a really good talent to add to their already talented, young team.

About Dylan Bernstein

Dylan Bernstein is a sports writer from Long Island, New York. He currently writes and manages 360 Sports Blog after spending the last two years working for Static Sports and Netsdaily News. His favorite teams are the Brooklyn Nets, New York Yankees, New York Islanders, New York Jets and Duke NCAA Men's Basketball.

2 comments on “Which Direction Should Jets Fans Want The Team To Go?

  1. VintageLag
    October 17, 2013

    Get rid of Rex and you will solve all your problems 😛

    If you want check out my blog featuring a podcast of me and a friends Week 7 NFL Picks! Thanks for your time


    • Dylan Bernstein
      October 17, 2013

      I like what Rex has done in transforming the defense. The problem is that he has never run an offense. I wish they could like demote him to Defensive coordinator and hire like Jon Gruden as the coach. A great offensive mind paired with a great defensive mind.

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