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Who is Case Keenum? Is he the answer?


The Houston Texans have made a bold decision in starting young QB Case Keenum over Matt Schaub and T.J. Yates. This comes after Matt Schaub started the season with a 8:9 Touchdown to Interception ratio. After another dissapointing game against the Rams in a 38-13 rout. Schaub received cheers when he injured his shin on Sunday because the fans hate how he has played thus far. After Schaub was removed due to injury, quarterback T.J. Yates took over and threw a interception on the first play, which opened up the QB competition for this week. Former college phenom, Case Keenum out of Houston has won this competition outright and has already been named the starter going forward. The question that most of you are thinking is Who is this so called Case Keenum?

Keenum was a five year senior out of the University of Houston. Keenum was spectacular for the Cougars. In his senior season, he threw for 5631 yards and had a 48:5 TD to INT ratio. He broke multiple college records and brought Houston to a 13-1 record. Houston finished in the top 25 that season. Keenum was the sole reason because of it. Keenum was not a prospect for the draft because he had a weak schedule in college and he didn’t have ideal throwing form. Quarterbacks with issues of form include Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow was excellent in college, but his abnormal throwing motion shyed away NFL scouts. Tebow is now a Free Agent. Keenum was lucky to have the chance to make this roster. Here is a video of Keenum’s highlights at the University of Houston.

What Keenum did best in college was accuracy. He threw each pass with a lot of precision. This is shown in the interception column where he barely has any. Keenum also broke the record for total yards in a career with 20,114 . He is a talented player and I always wondered why he was never on the NFL draft radar. If I were drafting, I would put him right up there in the ranks of where quarterbacks Brandon Weeden and Ryan Tannehill were drafted. However, I am not sure of how good Keenum will do this weekend because he has to get used to the system, start his first NFL game, and he also faces a tough defense in Kansas City. Keenum will eventually be the answer for the Texans and I feel that he can replace Matt Schaub like Brady replaced Drew Bledsoe.

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Dylan Bernstein is a sports writer from Long Island, New York. He currently writes and manages 360 Sports Blog after spending the last two years working for Static Sports and Netsdaily News. His favorite teams are the Brooklyn Nets, New York Yankees, New York Islanders, New York Jets and Duke NCAA Men's Basketball.

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