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Extremely Bold Long-Term Sports Predictions



  • When it’s all said and done, LeBron James will be the best of all time
  • Kevin Durant will never win a ring
  • James Harden will go down as a top 5 shooting guard of all time
  • Carmelo Anthony will leave the Knicks after 2013-14
  • Andrew Wiggins will have a career-ending injury within his first 5 years
  • Nerlens Noel will go down as one of the biggest busts of all time
  • The NBA will eliminate the one-and-done rule, change it to 2 years
  • Chris Bosh will be the only remaining member of the Heat’s Big 3 after 2013-14
  • Michael Jordan will seriously contemplate a comeback multiple times, will never actually do it
  • LeBron James will enter a dunk contest before he retires



  • Eli Manning will win another Super Bowl
  • Peyton Manning will also win another Super Bowl
  • Robert Griffin III will not start more than 7 years in the NFL
  • One of Tim Tebow, JaMarcus Russell, or Vince Young will be given another chance to start
  • Andrew Luck and co. will win more than one Super Bowl
  • Jameis Winston will be a top 10 QB of all-time
  • Mark Sanchez will be officially out of the league before 2015
  • Greg Schiano will be blackballed from NFL after this year, never get an NFL job again
  • LeBron James will play at least one game in the NFL
  • Cam Newton will go down as one of the best of all-time



  • Barry Bonds will be the only steroid-accused player to make HOF
  • The Mets will win a World Series within the next 7 years
  • The Yankees won’t make the playoffs until 2017
  • Matt Harvey will throw 3 no-hitters before the end of his career
  • Chipper Jones will attempt a comeback to the MLB, will be unsuccessful
  • Alex Rodriguez’s appeal will be declined and he’ll have to face his full suspension
  • Mark McGwire will get a managerial job within the next 15 years
  • Xander Boegarts will have at least 5 all star appearances
  • Mariano Rivera will be the first unanimous election to the HOF
  • Yasiel Puig will win 3 MVP awards when it’s all said and done



  • Alex Ovechkin will never win a ring.
  • Sidney Crosby will never suffer another major injury and will go down as one of the best of all time
  • Cory Schneider will become a top goalie as a member of the New Jersey Devils.
  • Patrick Roy will turn the Avalanche into Stanley Cup Contenders for many years to come.
  • Patrick Kane will lead the Blackhawks to at least 2 more Stanley Cup victories
  • Magic Johnson will purchase an NHL team
  • John Tavares will become an excellent head coach
  • Tyler Seguin will suffer a career-ending injury
  • The New York Rangers will not win a Stanley Cup before 2030
  • Matt Moulson will stay with the Buffalo Sabres for the rest of his career


NCAA Sports:

  • Jameis Winston will win two Heisman Trophies
  • Alabama will win the championship in 3 of the next 5 seasons
  • John Calipari will leave Kentucky within the next 4 seasons
  • Jabari Parker will stay more than one season at Duke
  • Andrew Wiggins will be overshadowed by Julius Randle, Jabari Parker, and Aaron Gordon
  • Mike Krzyzewski will stay with Duke through at least one more contract
  • Nick Saban will attempt to leave college another time, will ultimately fail in NFL and come back to a marquee school such as FSU, Oregon, or Florida
  • Brady Hoke will be fired by Michigan within the next three seasons
  • USC will reattempt to find a new coach from the NFL (any NFL coordinator, assistant coach, head coach, etc.)
  • Duke will win at least one more NCAAB championship before Coach K retires


Sports Pop Culture:

  • Johnny Manziel will briefly date Miley Cyrus
  • Johnny Manziel will become best friends with Rob Gronkowski
  • Rumors will surface that Tim Tebow broke his swear of celibacy
  • Lolo Jones will attempt to enter modeling
  • AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb will get married, divorce later on
  • Chad Johnson will go to jail at least one time within the next 3 years
  • Matt Harvey will take over Derek Jeter’s spot as the “Dating King” of New York Sports
  • LeBron James will attempt to enter the acting business after retirement
  • P. Diddy will become a majority owner of a major sports franchise
  • Gisele Bundchen will divorce Tom Brady

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