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My Favorite NFL Current Players Roster

This list is all opinion and has nothing to do with skill. I will explain why I picked each player on my roster. I hope you enjoy!


QB1: Drew Brees-I love what he did for the city of New Orleans and he is also my fantasy QB.

QB2: Kellen Clemens-I always thought he deserved a shot in New York when I was younger.

QB3: Case Keenum-I loved to watch him play in college and I love players who come out of nowhere like in the movie “Rudy”

HB1: Darren Sproles-Like I said with Case Keenum, I love the underdog. He is also about my size, so I find that quite humorous.

HB2: Danny Woodhead-Played for the New York Jets, my favorite team, love his work ethic.

HB3. Mike Tolbert-I like ‘The Vulture” because he is the ultimate goal line back.

FB1: John Conner-He played for the Jets and he was so entertaining during hard knocks.

WR1: Calvin Johnson-Most fun wide receiver to watch.

WR2: Percy Harvin-So quick and so versatile.

WR3: Marques Colston-He is the last good player from the local Hofstra University football team.

WR4: Josh Gordon-Huge vertical threat and a fun player to watch.

TE1: Tony Gonzalez-A true professional.

TE2: Zach Sudfeld-You have to love that hair.

C: Nick Mangold-New York Jet and a great player

OG1: Carl Nicks-A huge part of Drew Brees early success as a New Orleans Saints.

OG2: Mike Iupati-Great run blocker.

OT1: Brian Bulaga-Has helped contribute to the Packers’ domination over the last few years.

OT2: Jason Peters-Helped pave the way for LeSean Mccoy over the past few years.

DT1: Ndamukong Suh-The way his name sounds is kinda like the way he plays. He really is Donkey Kong.

DT2: B.J. Raji-He is so big.

DE1: Mario Williams-SUPER MARIO!

DE2: Jared Allen-He is a straight up beast thats been the star of that Vikes’ D, which seems to have been bad for a really long time.

MLB1: Jonathan Vilma-He is a great player and a former New York Jet.

MLB2: Von Miller-I predicted him to win defensive rookie of the year as soon as he was drafted and he is now a superstar.

OLB1: Clay Matthews-With that hair and that tenacity, how could you hate him.

OLB2: Rob Ninkovich-An amazing player that doesn’t get the credit he deserves

CB1: Richard Sherman-He is amazingly confident. His arrogant personality is backed up by his play.

CB2: Joe Haden-Is quickly emerging as a dominant shutdown corner.

S1: Eric Weddle-Another guy that doesn’t get the credit that he deserves.

S2: Major Wright-He is a MAJOR factor in the league.

S3: Ed Reed-He was a great Miami Hurricane, my favorite NCAA team.


About Dylan Bernstein

Dylan Bernstein is a sports writer from Long Island, New York. He currently writes and manages 360 Sports Blog after spending the last two years working for Static Sports and Netsdaily News. His favorite teams are the Brooklyn Nets, New York Yankees, New York Islanders, New York Jets and Duke NCAA Men's Basketball.

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