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What if Andrew Luck had declared for the 2011 NFL Draft?


This is a new segment at 360 Sports that we will call “What if Sports”.

If Andrew Luck had declared for the 2011 NFL Draft, then…

  • The Carolina Panthers would’ve drafted Andrew Luck, rather than Cam Newton
  • The Denver Broncos would have skipped out on Von Miller and taken Heisman winner, Cam Newton
  • There would have been no “Tebow Time”, as the Broncos would’ve had Cam Newton as their definitive starter
  • Tim Tebow would be released, as the Broncos didn’t need 3 solid quarterbacks on their roster
  • The Seattle Seahawks, who had Tarvaris Jackson as their starter, would pick up Tim Tebow who would win their starting job
  • Carolina Panthers and Andrew Luck miss out on the playoffs with a  7-9 record
  • Cam Newton would lead the Broncos to the playoffs, just like Tebow, except they’d ultimately beat the New England Patriots
  • The Broncos would lose to the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Finals
  • The New York Giants still win the Super Bowl, though it will be much more of a blowout than it was against the Patriots


  • Indianapolis Colts aren’t sold on RG3, they stick with Peyton Manning
  • Robert Griffin III still goes to the Washington Redskins
  • Seahawks still draft Russell Wilson, despite Tebow’s presence, but they don’t sign Matt Flynn
  • Matt Flynn signs with the New York Jets, becomes their starter
  • Russell Wilson wins the starting job, Tim Tebow is dropped and isn’t signed by any team
  • In the Playoffs, Cam Newton and Denver overcome the Baltimore Ravens, move on the next round where Brady gets redemption, defeats “Superman”
  • The New England Patriots demolish the 49ers in the Super Bowl, win their 4th Super Bowl of the 21st century, forming arguably the greatest dynasty in NFL history
  • Ray Lewis decides to come back one more season because the Ravens don’t win the Super Bowl


  • Now that Ray Lewis is staying, the Ravens are less inclined to give up their big names of Ed Reed, Paul Kruger, Anquan Boldin, and Dannell Ellerbe, keeping their team in tact and making another run at the Lombardi Trophy
  • The Jets don’t draft Geno Smith, as they have Matt Flynn on their roster
  • Geno falls to the 4th round, where he’s drafted by the Eagles
  • Chip Kelly likes Geno Smith, decides to start him from the beginning
  • Nick Foles never gets a chance to show off how good he really is
  • Because the 49ers don’t have Boldin, they make a mid-season trade for Josh Gordon
  • When Aaron Rodgers gets injured and Scott Tolzien underperforms, the Packers can’t sign Matt Flynn, so they go out and sign Vince Young, who proves that he is again a viable QB in the NFL

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