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How the Mets are building a winner in Flushing


This offseason, Sandy Alderson has went on a huge spending spree, acquiring Chris Young, Curtis Granderson, and Bartolo Colon.

The team has supposedly been trying to trade Daniel Murphy and/or one of Lucas Duda or Ike Davis. Regardless of who is traded, the moves could potentially be very beneficial for the team.

Let’s take a moment to look at their projected lineup:

C: Travis D’Arnaud
1B: Lucas Duda/Ike Davis/Josh Satin
2B: Daniel Murphy
SS: Ruben Tejada
3B: David Wright
OF: Chris Young
OF: Juan Lagares
OF: Curtis Granderson

SP: Jon Niese
SP: Dillon Gee
SP: Zack Wheeler
SP: Bartolo Colon
SP: Jenrry Mejia

*SP: Noah Syndergaard (hopefully by end of season)*
*SP: Rafael Montero (hopefully be end of season)*

RP: Vic Black
RP: Carlos Torres
RP: Scott Rice
RP: Josh Edgin
RP: Gonzalez Germen
RP: Jeurys Familia
CP: Bobby Parnell

This team looks very solid. The only positions in which there’s a clear weak spot are shortstop and the 5th starting pitcher. With that being said, Mejia has shown good amounts of potential (albeit, in spurts), and they should have at least one of the 2 top pitching prospects up by the All-Star break.

At shortstop, Tejada is a very bad option. However, it’s looking as though they’re still in the running for Stephen Drew, if they can make a trade soon, thus clearing cap space. Another option is receiving a quality SS directly in one of these trades (maybe Yunel Escobar from Tampa Bay?).

The bullpen isn’t very strong, but it isn’t awful as Familia, Rice, Black, and Parnell have all been pretty solid as of late.

With that being said, the Mets look like a team that’s on the fringes of playoff contention. If either a) they make another notable move; or b) the team clicks on all cylinders and all players perform better than expected, the Mets could shock a whole lot of people.

To analyze the signings, I think that Granderson and Young are near perfect fits for this team. Both have had histories of both power and contact hitting, and if they can show excellence in both areas, which they previously have, it could be outstanding for the team. Bartolo Colon, in my opinion, is a very good signing because the guy has aged like fine wine, posting an 18-6 record and finishing 6th in the Cy Young race at the ripe old age of 40, which is unimaginable in today’s day in age. Though they may have slightly overpaid, they did what they had to to improve the team. When the prospects come up and Harvey returns from Tommy John surgery, they can either trade him or move him to a long-reliever spot, which would hopefully preserve his arm even further. Overall, I really like every signing the Mets have made this offseason.

Keep an eye on Sandy Alderson, because based on his previous trades as well as his signings this offseason, this guy sure knows what he’s doing…

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