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Biggest Pro Bowl Snub at Each Offensive Skill Position


Quarterback- Nick Foles

The Eagles quarterback has turned into one of the rising stars of the NFL. While people would originally look at the 2012 draft and think of Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, and Ryan Tannehill, Foles has joined that class of quarterbacks, and he may’ve even surpassed them. In just 12 games, Foles has recorded 28 touchdowns and 2,628 yards, with only 2 interceptions. If that’s not deserving of the Pro Bowl, I don’t know what is.

Denver Broncos vs. Washington Redskins

Running Back- Knowshon Moreno

While in my opinion, Eddie Lacy and Alfred Morris could also be considered snubs, I still think that Moreno deserved a Pro Bowl spot more than the other two. In the former 1st round pick’s season of reemergence, he’s ran for 10 touchdowns and 1,015 yards. Not to mention, he’s also a receiving threat. He’s totaled 507 yards and 2 touchdowns receiving.


Wide Receiver- Alshon Jeffery

While Alshon had a few bad weeks, there were some weeks that he was so good, you HAD to forget the bad. He broke the Chicago Bears record for single-game receiving yards TWICE this season. He broke Harlon Hill’s record in a game against the Saints, and just a few weeks later against the Vikings, he broke his own record! He has 1,341 receiving yards and 7 touchdowns. If he keeps on this track, he’ll definitely make several Pro Bowls, but he also deserved to make this one.


Tight End- Tony Gonzalez

While Tony wasn’t nearly as good as he was in the past, I still believe that he deserved a Pro Bowl nod. While his 803 yards weren’t eye-popping, it was still enough for the 4th most out of all tight ends. He also recorded 8 touchdowns, which makes for 4th among all tight ends, also. Not to mention, Tony Gonzalez is undoubtedly the best tight end of all time, and this is his last season. For what he’s done for the NFL, Kansas City Chiefs, and Atlanta Falcons, I think he deserves a Pro Bowl sendoff.


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