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Analyzing Robinson Cano’s Mariners Deal

All-Star 2B Robinson Cano signed a $240 million, 10 year deal with the Seattle Mariners earlier today. Cano, who is leaving the New York Yankees, is 31 years old and … Continue reading

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What I Would do if in Sandy Alderson’s Shoes

Since joining the New York Mets as their general manager, Sandy Alderson has done a pretty good job. Record-wise, he hasn’t improved the team much at all, in fact, if … Continue reading

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#InBillyWeTrust has been a popular hashtag among Oakland Athletics fans on twitter. They are referring to GM Billy Beane’s wild off season acquisitions. I mean the guy has been spending … Continue reading

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Addison Russell: A Rare Kind of Prospect

The Oakland Athletics are cautious with money in every aspect of the game of baseball, right down to their draft picks. The A’s usually draft players out of high school … Continue reading

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The 20 Worst MLB Jerseys to Buy in the Last Decade

1.┬áJoba Chamberlain, New York Yankees 2.┬áJohan Santana, New York Mets 3. Carlos Beltran, San Francisco Giants 4. Matt LaPorta, Cleveland Indians 5. Cliff Lee, Seattle Mariners 6. Kazuo Matsui, New … Continue reading

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Stadium Autograph Guide: Citi Field

Citi Field in Flushing, New York is a great place to get autographs. You can get autographs outside the stadium and inside the stadium. It is where I spend most … Continue reading

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Predictions for Top MLB Free Agents this Offseason

Bold denotes that we were correct (TEAM) denotes that the player already signed with this particular team, and we didn’t predict that to happen. We expect for each player to … Continue reading

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Top 15 Halloween Costumes by Sports Figures

1. “Around the Horn”‘s Israel Gutierrez as Justin Bieber 2. “Pardon the Interruption”‘s Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser as Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn 3. Nick Collison as Walter White … Continue reading

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Extremely Bold Long-Term Sports Predictions

NBA: When it’s all said and done, LeBron James will be the best of all time Kevin Durant will never win a ring James Harden will go down as a … Continue reading

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Top 5 Sports Venues in the Bay Area

San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose are cities filled with pride for their many sports teams. These are the top 5 places to enjoy a game in the Bay Area. … Continue reading

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