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Midterm Week Sports Grades

It’s midterm week for many schools across the USA, and I thought it’d be a fun concept to connect what’s going on in school to what’s going on in the … Continue reading

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My Favorite NFL Current Players Roster

This list is all opinion and has nothing to do with skill. I will explain why I picked each player on my roster. I hope you enjoy! QB1: Drew Brees-I … Continue reading

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Biggest What-If’s in Recent NBA History

1. What if… the Portland Trail Blazers drafted Michael Jordan rather than Sam Bowie?   2. What if… the Charlotte Hornets hadn’t traded Kobe Bryant to the Los Angeles Lakers? … Continue reading

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The 20 Worst MLB Jerseys to Buy in the Last Decade

1. Joba Chamberlain, New York Yankees 2. Johan Santana, New York Mets 3. Carlos Beltran, San Francisco Giants 4. Matt LaPorta, Cleveland Indians 5. Cliff Lee, Seattle Mariners 6. Kazuo Matsui, New … Continue reading

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The 20 Worst NFL Jerseys to Buy in the Last Decade

1. Justin Blackmon, Jacksonville Jaguars 2. Tim Tebow, New England Patriots/New York Jets 3. Albert Haynesworth, Washington Redskins 4. Aaron Hernandez, New England Patriots 5. Brett Favre, New York Jets … Continue reading

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My Top 20 Sports Movies of All Time

This list doesn’t include documentaries, no matter how great they are. Also, this list is completely opinion-based. 1. Brian’s Song 2. Field of Dreams 3. Rocky 4. Rudy 5. Caddyshack 6. The … Continue reading

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20 Worst NBA Jerseys to Buy in the Last Decade

1. Greg Oden, Portland Trail Blazers 2. Derrick Favors, New Jersey Nets 3. Thomas Robinson, Sacramento Kings 4. Hasheem Thabeet, Memphis Grizzlies 5. Andrei Kirilenko, Minnesota Timberwolves 6. Andrea Bargnani, … Continue reading

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Top 15 Halloween Costumes by Sports Figures

1. “Around the Horn”‘s Israel Gutierrez as Justin Bieber 2. “Pardon the Interruption”‘s Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser as Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn 3. Nick Collison as Walter White … Continue reading

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10 Things We Learned From The First Night Of The NBA Season

 Xavier Henry might have found a permanent home in LA  Mario Chalmers is a little bit more than a role player  Paul George is the future of the NBA  The … Continue reading

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Hottests WAGs of NBA

A WAG is a “wife and girlfriend”. We will now list the 10 hottest WAGs of NBA players (not in order). *Honorable Mention* Savannah Brinson- Wife and High School Sweetheart … Continue reading

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